Frequently Asked Questions
Can I get more than 20 licenses?
Absolutely! Please contact us for volume licensing discounts.
How long will I be able to use my online subscription?
You can access your procedures as long as your subscription is current. Subscriptions are valid for one year from date of purchase.
How many users can access one procedure at the same time?
One user can be granted access for each user account. All of the licensed users may concurrently be logged into the application.
Can we upload already existing documents into the Procedure Wizard system?
Documents cannot be uploaded at this time, however, pictures can be embedded to amplify and support information.
Can I create permanent/limited access for some users?
Account administrators can create user accounts with appropriate data access and editing rights to suit their needs.
Can I use Procedure Wizard on mobile devices?
Can I add my own icons?
Do I get additional training before using Procedure Wizard?
Yes, please see the Resources area of this website.
Who can I contact if I experience problems?
What kinds of companies or industries use Procedure Wizard?
All kinds of companies in many industries are able to benefit from using Procedure Wizard. Additionalliy, individuals can also take advantage of using the wizard to create and store information such as recipes.
If my procedures are hosted in the online version, how do I know they will be saved?
The procedures are hosted online using state of the art servers and backed up regularly for data integrity.
Who else will be able to see them?
Only individuals with user credentials are granted access to view the procedures.
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