Find Out Which Version is Your Best Fit.

Procedure Wizard offers you three version. You can pick and choose which version fits your company's needs.

The Procedure Wizard for MS - Word version is an easy-to-use template.

This version provides highly visual procedures, which use pictures and icons that can be linked easily to any work instruction.
First procedures can be written in under 30 minutes.
Once you have completed the procedure, you have clear instructions that are ready to use.

See how the Procedure Wizard for MS - Word version works here.

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The Procedure Wizard for MS - Access version allows you to work on and manage multiple procedures. This version is more powerful than a template, but cheaper than an entire network. Therfore, this solution is a great fit for small businesses that need to work on and update multiple procedures.

See how the MS - Access version benefits you here.

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If you want to access your procedures from anywhere, the Web Version will be the best fit for you. You can manage, update, and see procedures from any computer with internet access. With the Procedure Wizard's Web version, you can divide work procedures into different groups.

Find out more about the Procedure Wizard for Web version here.

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